Hey, I'm Rafael Tinoco. I'm all about tech, web and challenges.

My expertise is making things happen with agile concepts, yet in my 7-year career I've handled a wide range of roles that includes product management and development in big corporations and startups, digital marketing & sales.

Products are my passion and I obsess over every detail, both in form & in function.

Here's a quick look of what I'm working on right now.

Lotebox, is a world wide startup providing performance increase in international logistics. We are proudly part of the PortXL acceleration program, where we have been in touch with the best logistics specialists in the world that are helping us improve both our products and service. This year so far, in our platform we have transacted more than USD 2.5 million dollars helping our customers achieve better performance with their logistics processes.

Blanka is a small and amazing gaming studio with the idea of provide great experiences to our users as they have fun playing the games we build. Blanka's games are a way to express our ideas and sometimes provide challenges that even we are not able to solve.

Finally, I'm part of MustHaveMenus, the online one stop shop for restaurants across the USA, where I've been a product manager since 2015.

The product I'm responsible for is our Online Ordering platform that allows restaurants boost their revenues through new orders with their
online menus.

I post random and cool stuff as @rfltinoco. I also train a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and share some cool techniques videos. If you like grappling sports, here's my ever-growing collection of matches, drills & techniques on YouTube.

My email: rt@rafaeltinoco.xyz.
And here is my portfolio.